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Tips for Marketing your Local Business

Marketing your local business may seem daunting; however, there are ways to convey the word out. In this article, we’ll focus at some of the Tips for Marketing your Local Business.

Best Tips for Marketing your Local Business

1) Use integrated marketing

There’s no single, fail-safe approach to business marketing. Thus you should deviate your tactics. Your clients may tune out in a while if you use only one marketing strategy. Hence you should think of various ways to reach out your potential customers through social media, classified ads, leaflets or sales letters.

2) Send a second chance offer to your clients after a purchase

If your clients have bought a product or a service from your business, find time to draft a note appreciating them for their purchase as well as informing them of a great discount when they make their next purchase. Also, remember to attach an expiry date for immediate action rather than waiting.

3) Use mail-outs

Have a good looking brochure, flyer or advert printed and enclose it in your outgoing mails. This way, you can rely on postage. On the other hand, potential clients will have something to refer in future especially when they don’t need it right at the moment.

4) Send newsletters

Getting new buyers is great, but keeping existing ones is a different thing. Use newsletters to target your market to the past buyers. Whenever printed newsletters are expensive, you can consider e-mail newsletter to be sent to the customers subscribed to your website.

5) Get social

Aim at turning a one-off buyer into a loyal repeat client by making sure they remember you. To achieve this, you’ll have to give them friendly reminders to why they may need you, without just bombarding them. You can achieve this through social media such as Twitter, Facebook or by email marketing.

6) Get blogging

Blogs are great, low-cost ways of interacting with existing customers, and attracting new ones. Ensure you update your blog with the most relevant information to create and maintain the interest of your subscribers. Leave comments on other customer blogs to Increase your blog followers.

7) Distribute press releases

Make most of the local newspapers by distributing good press releases. A new contract, a new business launch, an open day, creation of new jobs, all make for an interesting local news story. However, local press coverage is of great value since you are targeting the potential customers who live nearby and it is free.

8) Send small ads on postcards

Get postcards printed and send them to prospects in your niche.
The message on the postcard should be brief. Small ads on postcard drive huge volumes of traffic on your site thus creating more sales to market your business.

9) Update your blog

Look at your blog – can it work with an update? A blog acts as an advertisement for business, therefore ensure it looks magnificent. Your blog should be simple to navigate, focused and have great content. Make sure the web copy is devoid of spelling & grammar mistakes. It should convey the message you intend to pass to your visitors in a compelling manner.