Intercultural Performance Contact Inc. (IPC), established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1993, generates and supports projects that promote global teamwork through language, arts, and education.

IPC Projects:

  • Spanish classes – introductory to advanced conversation levels
  • Portuguese classes – introductory levels
  • Japanese language classes – introductory levels
  • Butoh dance classes – introductory levels –
    Butoh Workshops and Performance in September 2010.
  • Excursions to Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese speaking environments including arts and athletic events, restaurants and fiestas. These experiential learning opportunities bring participants to diverse events in order to facilitate the understanding and enjoyment of community and cultural expressions connected to language. These programs will be available only to students registered in IPC programs.
  • Promotion of local and international artists in conjunction with IPC programing
  • Past Projects – Annual Travel Study Courses in partnership with the University of Calgary – This project provided a valuable educational opportunity for students to develop an awareness of international, Canadian, multicultural and aboriginal cultural perspectives. Programs of this nature create valuable international experiences for artists. Courses of this nature broaden each student’s human experience as it relates to his/her art form. Apart from raising their self concept and confidence as valuable contributors to healthy societies, students come to recognize the value of the arts as a human expression uniting culture in common language of visual/image, music, dance and performance.
  • IPC is also the initiating sponsor of the Ferna Joy Internship Program which sponsors young artists to train in the area of arts education and creative process facilitation with intercultural awareness. For more information on ways to contribute or apply email georgette.pare@gmail.com and/or call 403 245 8762.